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Planting a boxwood hedge in a straight line is not as hard as it appears to be. Here’s an easy, quick way that will inspire you to plant a boxwood hedge on your own. Know It. Grow It.

How to Plant a Boxwood Hedge

How to Plant a Shrub


Watch this 30-minute educational video for everything you need to know about great lawn – AND SOIL – care!  For lawn owners, it will be the best 30-minutes you’ve ever invested in your property.

Fig trees are surprisingly easy to grow, and the fruit is delicious. These water-wise deciduous trees can be grown in milder climates in the ground, but do quite well in containers.

Whether you’re planting a shrub as an accent or a border we have you covered! Here are a few professional tips on how to plant your shrub to make sure it gets off to a great start! 

Know It. Grow It.


How To Shape A Boxwood

How to Blue Hydrangeas

How to effectively shape a boxwood shrub. 

Know It. Grow It.

Just a couple of easy steps to get your Hydrangeas to turn blue. 

Know It. Grow It.

How to Plant a Conifer

Conifers never go out of style. We’ll show you how to plant one for year-round beauty. Know It. Grow It.