3/4″ White Marble Chips Uses

  • Most white marble chips are used as a decorative stone for driveways, walkways and around landscapes. Roofing contractors can also use white marble chips as roofing stone.
  • It can also be used as coverage over soil in houseplants, container gardens, terrariums, fountains and craft projects.
  • White marble chips are always comprised of the mineral limestone and the final product is produced through a series of crushers then being screened to size.
  • Minimum bulk amount 1/2 Cubic Yard

At Fanelli's Landscape Supply we offer a wide variety of Stone. Our stone includes various sizes of River Rock and Marble Chip. We also offer Red Barn stone, River Rock and many more.

3/4″ Yellow Beach Stone

  • This particular type of stone is easily recognized for its golden hues. In fact, it’s this distinctive coloration that makes the decorative rocks so popular for landscaping purposes.
  • At 3/4″ in size, Jersey Shore gravel is extremely versatile and there are nearly limitless options for purposing it throughout your property. The stones tend to be irregularly shaped which adds to the visual interest and texture that they can provide.
  • Because they are quite prevalent and easy to come by, costs can be kept reasonable, making this an extremely budget-friendly landscaping material.
  • Minimum bulk amount 1/2 Cubic Yard

Medium 1-1/1/4"

Goose Egg

Goose egg stones are a variety of river rock that have earned their name from having a coloration and size that is similar to a goose egg.
The stones are available in shades of white and tan, and they are often irregularly shaped. As the stones are shaped differently from one another they draw more visual interest and are excellent for enhancing the decor of a residential or commercial landscape. The most common size for goose egg stones is 3/4 -2"

Large 1-3"

Mason Sand

Masonry sand can be used in the creation of concrete, though it is more often utilized in projects that are meant to be pleasing to the eye. Because the sand is both washed and passed through a screen the grains are very uniform in size.

The difference between a pool crafted in masonry sand versus one made using concrete sand will be noticeable to a layman. This makes it a more attractive choice over lesser kinds of sand. Its fine appearance makes it suitable for patio stones or other projects in which beauty is a key factor.

Some builders prefer masonry sand over concrete sand even for projects in which design is a lesser factor that versatility. This is due to masonry sand’s versatility and ease of use.

Clean Blue Stone 3/4"

Clean Blue Stone is a grey blue color and is generally used for driveways and masonry applications.

Available in 3/4″ size

3/4″ Red Barn Stone

  • 3/4″ red rocks are the preferred size for driveways and walkways. They are popular in these areas as they provide effective erosion control and create a design and appeal that people don’t often see.
  • Based on its design and physical features,  red barn stone works well as a mulch replacement, as well as for use in driveways, walkways and patios. Some of the practical benefits of 3/4″ red rocks are that they provide erosion control and can be extremely attractive in landscapes.
  • Minimum Bulk amount 1/2 Cubic Yard

All products available by the Cubic Yard.

River Rock (Delaware River Rock) Large and Medium Available Small available by the bag

  • There are numerous reasons why homeowners and contractors make the decision to work with 1″-3″ river rocks. Some of the most popular uses for 1″-3″ river rocks include:

  • Dramatic Upgrade to Your Landscape – 1″-3″ river rocks are an excellent choice for improving the overall aesthetic of your home or commercial property. These stone are the perfect size for constructing a dry river bed to run across your property. They are also very popular for commercial landscape beds in business parks.
  • Mulch Replacement – 1″-3″ river rocks can actually be used in lieu of traditional mulch. Unlike mulch, which tends to wash away and fade after extended exposure to rain and sunlight, river rocks will last far longer and work just as effectively – if not more so. Because river rocks don’t need to be replaced on an annual basis, you will get more value for your dollar, and avoid the inconvenience of re-applying a layer each year.

Decorative & Bulk Stone

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Stone Dust

Stone Dust is pulverized blue stone that provides an excellent leveling surface for both natural stone and paver driveways, walkways and patios.